AACCA Membership

AACCA dues are based upon membership for the calendar year. Dues will not be pro-rated, but will cover January 1 to December 31. Membership entitles agencies or individuals to participate in a number of activities ranging from regular memberships meetings to an annual Administrative Retreat. The focus of most regular meetings, the annual retreat, and other intermittent trainings will be (1) training, (2) resource- and information-sharing and (3) peer-to-peer networking.

For agencies, membership dues are $150 annually. Agency members will be considered voting members.

For interested individuals, membership dues are $50 annually. Individual members will not be considered voting members.

Agencies that are interested in membership may contact AACCA's Administrative Assistant or print the attached Dues Computation Sheet and, after completing it, mail it along with a check for the appropriate amount to the Administrative Assistant listed on the form.

Individuals who are interest in membership may contact AACCA’s President to complete the application process.